I have been involved in web development since the first release of NCSA Mosaic. My first experience of the world wide web involved Silicon Graphics workstations and this very early web browser.

Over the years I have contributed via mailing lists, online forums and various development platforms (eg. Sourceforge) to the development of web standards such as RDF (an aspect of the semantic web), friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) and anything else that once looked like it might have been either useful or interesting.

Former webdev projects

Julia Users Group - Berlin a simple focal point for Julia users in Berlin.
Luebeck Social Community using Ning.com as a framework I created this social network for making friends in Luebeck.
British Mathematical Colloquium/Irish Mathematical Society conference, 2009 (I provided the backend which dealt with subscriptions and payments)
Statistics E-learning Site - Written in ~2004, this was a highly advanced e-learning website, developed in php, which incorporated a hand-written mathematical interpretter. Lecturers could formulate questions in a mathematical script, including a randomisation based on student ID, and students received individualised questions which were then graded automatically by the computer.
Statistics Quiz (my copy)
Mathematics Department, NUI Galway (my copy)
Computer Science, NUI Galway (my copy)
Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club
University College Galway, Rowing Club
St. Joseph's College Rowing Club (site created in 1997)
Personal website (Geocities is now defunct).